All products are pure made-in-Italy, designed and handcrafted with love and care.


For the guitarists world we created a fine quality 18W amplifier, available with a rich customizable features.

drugo T18H - particolareDrugo T18H

Tube head guitar 18W amplifier; built around 3xEL84 and 2xECC83. Gain control, master volume, tones and presence. Customizable.

Designed in August 2015 and built from scratch in 6 months, is available to order. [More details – Reviews]


High fedelity music needs experience, expertice, and a good… a good ear 😉 These are our gems.

Goodnight project - dettaglio valvolaGoodnight project

Headphones dedicated amplifier, with a smooth pleasant color brought by the presence of an ECC82 tube.

Power amp

GY-50 based implementation